Hey everyone! So I have lots of ideas of different posts I could do, but I have decided to open with one topic that I never would of dreamed I would be so passionate about….breastfeeding! This topic is very controversial and until I had a child I never fully understood the topic and I really had no idea that it was so controversial. Let me first start off by saying that I was a formula baby and guess what? I’m just fine and to be honest my health has always been very good, and I have never had a problem I would also like to say I am for either one I mean our main goal is to make sure our babies are fed and we keep them alive right?

When I had my son well even before, I was scared I wouldn’t be able to but I told myself that I would at least try! Once he got here he didn’t eat for what I thought was forever but it was just because he had swallowed some fluid. So after like two hours of not eating he FINALLY did!!!! Yay!!! I was like omg this is so easy I don’t know why everyone who can doesn’t , fast forward to the next day I was still like o yeah I got this and then my milk came in….I thought my boobs were going to fall off they were so heavy and I was leaking everywhere! Luckily my little guy was a champ and didn’t have a problem eating which made everything better, but then came the part I didn’t know would happen my nipples hurt SO bad and every time he would latch I would just clench my teeth and close my eyes knowing this was what was best for my little guy I would get through it!

The soarness wore off and it was easier but what I was also not prepared for was my little guy eating every hour and then on top of that he is what they called a snacker, can’t blame the kid I am too! I felt like he ate constantly and he had reflux pretty bad so spitting up was constant after eating. I honestly don’t think I wore the color black for a good year!

I never knew why breastfeeding was hard until I had my own child I also never noticed how judgmental people can be in public. I can remember being so worried where I was going to feed him in public, I fed him in bathroom a lot , in dressing rooms,anywhere that no one would see us and I wouldn’t offened anyone. I wish I could of had the mindset that I do now with my second child I have never fed her in a bathroom or went out of my way to hide, I do however have a cover and I am always completely covered.

One of the first times we went out to eat as a family of 4 my daughter was 10weeks old and I covered myself at the table and no one could see anything and someone said something, the lady next to our table very loudly talked about how disgusting I was and went on and on I think at first I was shocked because it was the first time someone said something to me. I was on fire I was so mad and wanted to tell her off but I had a happy healthy two year old looking at me and a happy healthy daughter who I was feeding and it dawned on me I felt sorry for her. I don’t know her back story or anything about her, maybe she has 10 kids and breastfed them all or maybe she has no kids. I felt sorry for her because I don’t think she has ever been as happy I was in that moment being able to feed my daughter and my son seeing that it was a norm to breastfeed.

I proudly fed my son till he was 2 1/2 and he self weaned, I was also 7 months pregnant with my daughter and was wanting him to be weaned before she got here and the rate he was going I didn’t think he would self wean. We went back to my parents one weekend for the last road trip I could make with being so far along and I got the flu it was horrible but we all know that when your sick and your momma takes care of you and watches your busy two year old so you can rest you get better way faster! Well I noticed my son just fell asleep that night which was weird because he always had to nurse to go to sleep then I noticed he didn’t get up through the night to nurse and when he woke up he wanted NOTHING to do with it!!!! I was like um did this really just happen? Yep it did I know I got super lucky and I doubt my daughter will be that easy but I let him quit on his own time and I think he knew once this baby came he was done!

Breastfeeding is hard mentally and physically and you really have to take care of yourself and do what is best for your family and if it’s breastfeeding that’s great and of its formula then that’s amazing too, I just wish there wasn’t such a divide we should all come together and if your baby is happy,healthy and your doing the best you can then that’s all that should matter! People are always going to give you their advice and tell you what’s best but guess what you won’t know what’s best until that baby is in your arms and then you will figure it all out I promise!


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