Makeup Monday: My favorite nudes/pinks!

Recently I have realized I have a nude lipstick problem and should go to nude lipstick anonymous if there was such a thing! So today I am rounding up my all time favorite nude/light pick lipsticks! 

First up is beautiful nude YSL Rouge Pur Couture 10. I love this color but I don’t love the price point, but did it stop me from buying it? Obviously not, I do wish though it stayed on longer 

Another YSL this one is more pink and I love it Rouge Volupte #1. Once again I don’t like how expensive it is and it definitely does not stay on long at all! I was honestly disappointed after buying these for the price I pry would never buy another one just because it comes off so fast.

This pink surprised me! It was a lot brighter than I thought it would be, but I love it and it smells really good too! Two Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in melted peony Stays on really well and they have a wide range of colors! I will definitely buy more! 

My next three favorite lipsticks literally stay on ALL day and you can kiss your babies, eat and drink all you want and it literally does not budge, so much so you have To remove it with their remover but my clarisonic also removes it! I got one color loved it and had to buy two more! Top color is First Love, middle is Bombshell, and the last is Army Pink! If you want to try Lipsense find my good friend Cristina Hamilton and she will be able to help you with anything lipsense related, she is my go to gal on buying this stuff and will show you lots of examples of what the color looks like on different people! 

Next is Two Faced lipstick in Nude Beach, I have had this color of a couple years or maybe just a year anywho it’s beautiful and paired with a nude liners it’s one of my favorite pink nudes! Also this is very moisturizing and that helps because a lot of products tend to dry my lips out! 

I have bought this color for the past 5 years, it’s a staple in the bag! NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight it is the best light pink lip gloss and why I buy it multiple times a year! 

This was a lipstick I purchased a while ago and didn’t swatch it and I’m so glad I did! NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday is so pretty and you can go really light with it or later it for a more pink look I love it and looks good everyone! 

This is my all time favorite nude! Colour Pop liquid lipstick in Midi. Honestly I wear this almost everyday and it stays on for a long time! I only paid like 5 dollars for this and I will definitely be buying more! 

The last two on my list are Rimmel London Kate collection in #42 and #45! These two are great colors and stay on longer than a lot of my high end lipsticks and a fraction of the price you can’t beat that! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post of Makeup Monday! Shout out to Erin for coming up with the name! Thanks girl! If you Like this post then share it! 
Xoxo Jess 

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