Taco Tuesday!!! 

I LOVE street tacos , so it would only be fitting that on Tuesday I dedicate my blog to trying new street taco recipies! I found a recipie on  http://www.howsweeteats.com/2015/04/easy-weeknight-chicken-tacos/?m
I used her taco seasoning recipe which is amazing !

Above is a half teaspoon each of; smoked paprika,garlic powder,chipotle chile powder,onion powder,chile powder,salt pepper and cumin! I rubbed this all over one large chicken breast put it in the crockpot with two cups water and 2 chicken bouilon cubes because I think they add more flavor! 
I put this on low and let it go all day! I love the crockpot, there is nothing better then after a long day knowing supper is already done! 
When the chicken was done shred it 

You guys this is one chicken breast it was big and we had leftover! 
Then I chopped up the veggies 

Toasted my corn tortillas on the stove for a bit and assembled! 

They were amazing and of course you have to have a margarita to wash it all down!!! Happy Taco Tuesday!!!
Xoxo, Jess

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