Friday Favorites…..

Hey guys! We made it, finally Friday!! Was it me or was this week super slow?!? Anywho I have dedicated Friday’s On the blog to some of my favorite things, so I thought why not share my favorite styling products that I found to help me fight this Texas humidity! 

When I first get out of the shower I brush my hair with a wet brush, you guys this brush hands down is a miracle especially for my type of hair which is curly and tangles very easily , I found mine at target that place has everything! 

The first product I use is Matrix Biolage Advanced the Keratinedose, this smells amazing! I spray some in my hands rub together and distribute all over working from the ends to my roots.

The second and third product I use together I first put a nickel size dot of the Kenra Perfect Blow out light styling cream in my hand then I put a little bit of the Biosilk on top, rub together and working from my ends up distribute all over! That’s it! Then I just blow dry and use my wand! 

Since using these products for over a month now I have had no frize and the only reason I tie my hair up is because it’s freaking hot! I found all my products at ulta!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

Xoxo, Jess 

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